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Career & Technical Education

Through enrollment in these programs, students can explore a number of areas of occupational interest (career clusters) and pursue a career focus in-depth while completing their high school diploma. Many of our CTE programs and classes are aligned with similar courses at local community colleges and are available for credit at both the high school and a community college simultaneously.

Our mission is to prepare students to:

  • be effective and responsible;
  • develop premier leadership qualities, high-level technical skills, critical thinking abilities, and employable work habits;
  • choose a career field, formulate goals, work to accomplish their goals, practice positive work ethics, and; grow into a unique, productive citizen.

CTE programs are unique among high school course offerings as they provide:

  • Hands-on learning in laboratory-based experiential instruction.
  • Work-based learning, relating the technical instruction and practice to what happens in the real world of work.
  • Personal leadership development opportunities.
  • Reinforcement of academic skills related to the technical area of study through real-life applications.