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The counseling program has been developed to ensure that all students acquire the competencies needed in designing an individualized educational program, in developing a process for life/career planning that realistically matches each student's aptitudes and interests, and in demonstrating personal/social skills needed to relate to self and others.

Students are assigned to counselors by alphabet according to students' last names. In most cases, counselors work with the same group of students throughout their four years of high school. Special education students have mentors who work closely with both the students and the counselors.

Counseling Phone
480-497-0177 ext. 6530
Counseling Hours
Available on school days from 7:00 am-3:00 pm

The website has College and Career events at GHS, scholarship information, FAFSA support, and other information to help students succeed after high school. The website includes additional information about colleges, universities, and career paths. 

Registration Instructions:

STEP 1: If you weren’t in attendance for your Registration visit during your English class, view the “Directions for Course Requests” PowerPoint and step-by-step video on how to select and input your course requests in the Academic Planner.

STEP 2: Talk to your teachers, parents, and counselor for input to complete the registration worksheet and enter your course selections into the Infinite Campus Academic Planner.

STEP 3: Bring back your signed registration worksheet and accompanying documents on your registration day and meet with your counselor to confirm your requests. 

Gilbert High School will be hosting the PSAT on Tuesday, October 24th at 7:30 a.m. This test is for college-bound sophomores and juniors who would like to assess their reading, writing, and math skills. The test is great preparation for the SAT and enters students into different scholarship competitions. As a junior, students are screened for the National Merit Scholarship program. There is no cost or required registration for sophomores. Juniors will be assessed a $25.00 test fee, and registration will be online from August 28 through September 11th. Space is limited, so sign up early.

Please contact Autumn Sobol in our Counseling Office for additional information.

23-24 GHS PSAT Bell Schedule

Important: Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, eat breakfast, and dress in layers so you can be comfortable if the testing room Is hot or cold.


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