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Gilbert High Library

When Benjamin Franklin envisioned the first library, he aimed to share the joy that he experienced in the written word with his community. He wanted a way for all citizens, no matter their status, to have access to any and all information that was available. He recognized the willingness and yearning of his fellow citizens to obtain knowledge which inspired him to create the first library system of the United States.

It is with Mr. Franklin's original vision in mind that the Gilbert High School library will continue to grow into its new form. Coupled with the College and Career Readiness Center, our new library aims to promote community, education, and to help students explore their own future educational possibilities. We hope to help students not only gain information to be utilized for school assignments but to encourage our students to experience their education in such a way that they grow as human beings. It is within the walls of "Stories" that students may be inspired by the stories of others, gain valuable information for planning their own futures, and to experience the great value of a supportive community.

It is our mission to create a culture of warmth and belonging for all of our students and faculty. We believe that our library is a special space within Gilbert High School that not only serves as an instrument in support of education but also that of the community. It is our collective behavior within this special space that enables us to foster an environment that we may all learn and enjoy. We respectfully request that everyone:

Use Our Space as Intended

Please do not loiter in the library. This space is intended for studying, research, hosting community-based events, and college and career advising. 

Be Considerate of Others

Loud or unreasonable noise is not tolerated.

Communicate Respectfully

Obscene, harassing, and abusive language and/ or gestures are unacceptable. 

Act Responsibly

Violating any of our school rules or regulations is strictly prohibited. 


Those not contributing to our culture of warmth and belonging will be asked to change their behavior to support the environment or be asked to leave.

Library Information

Library Information & Resources

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM -3:30 PM
Fridays 7:00 AM- 3:00 PM

The Gilbert High School library prides itself on offering an array of various resources and tools for students to utilize while conducting research. Apart from our large reference collection shelved within our library, we also offer a substantial amount of resources that students and faculty may access online.


  • EBSCO Explora
  • The Literary Reference Center
  • EBSCO Host E-books
  • Points of View 
  • The History Reference Center
  • NoveList Plus
  • The Biography Reference Center
  • The Poetry and Short Story Reference Center
  • The Science Reference Center

Lending Policies

You may check out up to four books at a time for up to 14 days. After the 14th day, a late fee of .10 a day will be assessed. 

Directions for accessing EBSCO

Library Resources

Upcoming College & Career Events

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