Graduation Requirements
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High School Graduation Requirements

Students graduating in 2018 and beyond will be required to earn 5.0 elective credits towards graduation. The 1/2 computer credit requirement has been reallocated to the elective course requirement, keeping the current graduation requirement of 22 credits. 
Curriculum Area
Gilbert Public Schools Graduation Requirements
Arizona University Entrance Requirements
 4 credits
4 credits
See course description book or counselor for senior level courses that meet the university entrance requirements.
 4 credits*
4 credits
Students must complete coursework through the pre-calculus level.
 3 credits
3 Lab Science credits
Must include at least three of the four areas: Chemistry, Physics, Earth, and Biological sciences. Refer to specific course description for courses that meet university entrance requirements for each area.
Social Studies
 3 credits
2 credits
Physical Education
 1 credit
0 credit
CTE/Fine Arts (any combination)
 2 credits
2 CTE or Fine Arts Credit 
Students must complete one credit of Fine Arts from the following areas:  music, art, theater, or dance, ​OR​ one credit of CTE from the same program area.  Refer to course description book for courses that meet this university entrance requirement.
 5 credits
0 credit
Modern Language
 0 credit
2 credits
Students must complete two years of the same language.
Total Credits Required
 22 credits
16 credits
Beginning with the 2017 cohort, students must obtain a passing score in the American Civics Act Exam to graduate. 
SAT or ACT exam required.
**Contact the college or university of your choice for specific entrance requirements, including GPA, rank or test scores.

*Credit requirement may be reduced through a Personal Curriculum as defined in
AAC R7-2-302.03 (Arizona Department of Education - PDF file).

Students are required to earn no less than ​22 credits​ in the following subject areas:

English ​(4 credits) – This requirement will be met by completing one credit each of English I, English II, English III, and English IV or ELL English. English 101 and English 102 may also be used to satisfy the requirement for English IV.
Social Studies ​(3 credits) – This requirement will be met by completing one credit of World Studies, one credit of American/Arizona History, one-half credit of Economics, and one-half credit of American/Arizona Government. District Economics requirement may be met from other content area courses as listed in the Course Description Book.
Math ​(4 credits) – This requirement will be met by earning four credits in math, one of which must be Algebra II, Intermediate Algebra, ​or Algebraic Functions I, or complete a math personal curriculum plan.
Science ​(3 credits) – This requirement will be met by earning three credits in science, one of which must be Lab Biology. District Science requirements may be met from some Agriculture Education classes as listed in the Course Description Book.
Physical Education ​(1 credit) ​– This requirement will be met by successfully completing one credit of Physical Education. Courses offered through the PE department that ​DO NOT meet this requirement are PE500 Sports Medicine I, PE501 Sports Medicine II, PE502 Sports Medicine III, PE505 Driver’s Education, and PE800 Athletic Physical Education.
Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Fine Arts ​(2 credits) – This requirement will be met by completing two credits in either CTE or Fine Arts. One credit may be earned by completing an advanced four-year program of study. Courses that meet CTE/Fine Arts credit will be denoted in the course description. Courses taken at East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) will also meet this requirement. The fourth credit/level of coursework earned in the following four-year programs of study may be used to fulfill the CTE or Fine Arts requirement. These courses will be designated as CTE/FA4 credit within the course description: Academic Decathlon, Advanced Sports Training, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Modern Languages, and Student Council. CTE/FA4 credits will not meet the CTE/Fine Arts credit needed for Arizona university entrance.
Electives ​(5 credits) – This requirement will be met by successfully completing any five credits of elective course offerings. A maximum of one unit of elective credit will be allowed for teacher aide, library assistant, office assistant, and other programs of this type.


Any senior with deficiencies at the end of their eighth semester must complete all course work prior to September 1st in order to receive a diploma from the previous graduation date.  Students who fail to meet graduation requirements at the end of eight semesters of attendance will be permitted to continue in school and carry a course load sufficient to permit them to meet graduation requirements the following year.  Students who fail to meet graduation requirements will be subject to new requirements that may have been adopted.  Students with deficiencies will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.

 Students will be given an opportunity up to the age of 22 to fulfill the graduation requirements and receive a Gilbert Public Schools diploma.

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