NCAA Eligibility Center

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all students who want to play at an NCAA Division 1 (DI) or Division 2 (DII) institutions as a college freshman.
Academic Credentials + Amateurism Status = College Eligibility

When does one register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Students should register at the beginning of their sophomore year. How does one register with the Eligibility Center? Students can register on the NCAA Eligibility Center website ( The cost is $90.

How does one become eligible through the Eligibility Center?

Beginning with the class of 2017, students must maintain at least a 2.30 GPA in 16 (DI) or 14 (DII) Core Classes (Math, Science, English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language). Students must meet the SAT or ACT requirement on the sliding scale. For example a 2.30 GPA student must score a 900 on the Critical Reading and Math combined or 75 on the ACT.

Division I Academic Requirements | Division II Academic Requirements

What do I need to do as a parent to help my son/daughter?

Encourage your son/daughter to maintain high grades throughout their high school studies. Students should take the PSAT in October of their Sophomore and Junior years. Students need to take the ACT or SAT spring of their Junior year. When registering to take the test students should have the scores automatically sent to the Eligibility Center by bubbling 9999 in the section where one can send scores to colleges.

Sending Transcripts
 • Get a transcript release form from Ms. Navarro our registrar. Fill it out and turn it in to her. She will send your official transcript to the schools you are applying to. After completing the registration you must send your (six semester) Transcript to the Eligibility Center.
• Senior Year; a Final Transcript needs to be sent to Eligibility Center in June.

Additional Information

 • Gilbert High School Code is 030140
• The Clearinghouse is only for Division I and Division II universities and colleges.
• Students must meet the admission requirements for individual universities and colleges.
• A list of approved Gilbert High School classes that will count for NCAA can be found by going to NCAA High School Portal and entering the CEEB code: 030140
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