Across the curriculum, critical thinking skills are fostered in our students in an effort to equip them with effective problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Our academic curriculum also incorporates state-of-the-art technology tools and instruction to prepare our students for post-secondary education and/or successful careers.
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Our curriculum has been aligned with state standards, and, to retain our high level of student achievement, Gilbert Public Schools has summative and formative assessment programs in place to guide teacher instruction and prepare students for the state’s standardized tests.
It is our philosophy that students are provided with the opportunity to develop academically and socially to the best of their abilities, and that the most effective education for all children is one commensurate with their abilities. To successfully meet the needs of each of our students, Gilbert Public Schools offers Vocational Career and Technical Education programs, Accelerated Learning, Honors, Remedial and Special Needs Services, and extensive extra-curricular activities to complement our regular curriculum. 
Students attending Gilbert Public Schools will be assessed using the following grading scales.  Students must abide by the Academic Misconduct and Cheating policy as outlined in the student handbook.
 Grading Scale
 GPA  Weighted GPA
90-100= A 
80-89 = B 
70-79 = C 
60-69 = D 
59-0 = F 
A = 4.0
B = 3.0 
C = 2.0 / P = 2.0 
D = 1.0 
F = No credit 
A = 5.0
B = 4.0
C = 3.0
D = 1.0
F = No Credit


Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades may not be used to fulfill any of the credits required for graduation, including all elective courses.  AVID Tutor, Teacher’s Aide, the Community Volunteer Service course, and the Parallel Learning course are the exceptions.  These courses may be used to fulfill graduation requirements in the electives area.

The S/U grade option may be used only after a student has accumulated six (6) credits toward graduation.  To exercise this option, underclassmen must be enrolled in no fewer than six (6) classes, five (5) of which must be credit bearing.  The sixth class may be an S/U course.  Seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of four (4) credit bearing courses.  The fifth class may be an S/U course.

Student decisions regarding the S/U grade option are limited to the first four and one-half (4.5) weeks of a course in which they are already enrolled.  The S/U grade option is limited to one course per semester.  As with any other course, if students withdraw from an S/U grade course after the 9-week period, they will receive a “WF” for that course.  The “S” grade is not calculated into the student’s GPA.  A grade of “U”, however, is calculated in the GPA and is equivalent to an “F”.  NCAA interprets an “S” grade as a “D” grade according to NCAA guidelines.


Courses that have weighted grades are indicated in the description of the course.  Weighted grades are assigned to classes that are significantly more rigorous and provide students with multiple opportunities to take greater ownership of their learning.  Grades in these courses are weighted as follows:  A = 5.0, B = 4.0, C = 3.0.  Grades of “D” are not weighted.  Please be aware that Arizona Universities and many others will unweight these grades.  Weighted courses taken in another district must correlate with the Gilbert Public Schools weighted courses in order for weighted credit to be awarded.  

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